BIOGRAPHY: LATE: HON. (DR.) UZOMA AKUEJE NWACHUKWU: Assassinated July, 28th, 2005


Egbema Massive Movement E.M.M Pressures for the LATE: HON (DR) UZOMA AKUEJE NWACHUKWU’S DAY. 

Calls on Rivers State Government.


The visionary and youths advocacy Forum of Egbema kingdom in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local Government Area of Rivers State, with severe pain in her heart, and in memorial of an illustrious son Late Hon. Dr. Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu, whose sudden death was, is and will forever a trauma and a life time tragedy for the Egbema kingdom as they mourn their son, Late Hon. Dr. Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu who was Assassinated July 28th, 2005.


His Biography:

Late Hon. Dr Uzoma Nwachukwu (OBM), hails from Deyi-Okanum family of Umu-Okoronkwo village in Okwuzi community of Egbema kingdom in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local Government Areaa of Rivers State,

Late Dr. Uzoma was the first born and son of Late His Royal Highness, Eze, King: Joseph Ohaleta Nwachukwu (obm), Eze-adi ibuoa, the first Ezeali (King) of Okwuzi Community in Egbema kingdom.

He was the first ever and first Male Medical Doctor from Egbema Kingdom,

A United States of America (U.S.A ) Trained professional Doctor with over 25 Year’s Experience in health practise.

He was the first Egbema man To have become a Special Adviser to the Rivers State Governor during the Sir. Dr. Peter Odili’s administration (2003-2005).

This illustrious son, has amongst other notables undersaw the Construction of road’s and drainages in his root, brought the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to Okwuzi Community in Egbema for a Free Medical Care that affected positively on the lives of Egbema 16 Villages particularly our Sick Mother’s, Fathers, and orphans.

He was Qouted to have Flagged off a Scholarship scheme for the Youths of the 7 clans of his Community before his Death, He has Enhanced and replicated through his humanly gestures the Contextual definition of the word Generousity.

Our first ever political hope was denied us Egbema, on July 28, 2005 at the new Port Harcourt Airport Road when men of the under world Decided to take away his life alongside his personal assistant.

In view of Reaffirming our acknowledgement of his positive Leadership impact and respect to him, our Patriot; a selfless Leader, A philanthropist, our lost hope. Our Conscience has compelled us to spare some space and time here to succinctly say that, we in E.M.M, have fixed every July 28th in honour of an illustrious Egbema Son, late; Hon. Doctor Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu to begin from next year July 28th, 2020.

Wondering why Politically The Egbema people have been relegated in her own Local, State and Federal Government, one will Emphatically Submit to Our view that Egbema lost him in such tragic manner constitutes an indelible scar in the history of Egbema. For a Community that is Arguably as of his time, the most educationally backwards distinct ethnic Community in Rivers State to lose a graduate is bad enough; to lose a United States Trained Doctor is a colossal tragedy.

Going forward, the visionary and youths advocacy group E.M.M further submit the following view and Plea to the Egbema Traditional institutions, Political and Opinion leader’s, Our Local Government council, Representative of the ONELGA CONSTITUENCY II. ( EGBEMA, NDONI & USOMINI ) State Constituency in the Rivers State House of Assembly, the Ministry of Health R/S, and the Rivers State Government to help us Immortalize the memories of Our Own Late: Hon. (Dr.) Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu.

It is our plea that:

* The Okwuzi-Egbema General Hospital be named after him as : DR UZOMA AKUEJE NWACHUKWU’S MEMORIAL HOSPITAL

* That The Aforementioned Cardre of Authorities should Launch a charity Foundation known as the DR UZOMA AKUEJE NWACHUKWU’S HEALTH FOUNDATION:

* We further hold the view, that annual Memorial Lectures on his behalf will help Usher his memories to a permanent base on our hearts.

Today, Sunday 28th, July, 2019 marks exactly 14_years since the assassination of our Own Social crusader, A replica of his father, our late King Nwachukwu, Very brave Man indeed, filled with reassuring words, Oh! Death, where is thee stint ?

As Young Youths, we barely knew much about Late Dr. Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu, but on daily basis, on every Slightest Conversation Geared towards the Libration of Egbema kingdom from her Political, and Economical oppressors, His Name keeps resounding, like a bell on our ears, Even after 14_years of his untimely death.

Oh! what manner of a man are you Dr. Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu?

Your Individualistic antecedents speaks volume about you till date.

If the likes of, Late ken Saro wiwa, Isaac adaka boro, Dr. Obi wali, Prof. Claude Ake can be immortalized, why can’t our own Egbema illustrious son Late. Hon. Dr. Uzoma Akueje Nwachukwu (obm) be Immortalized and Celebrated by her Own, Local and state Government?

How else can we Reciprocate the Gestures of our own illustrious son, our lost hope to humanity if not, but to help Sustain his memories ?

Oh! Egbema, For how long can we continue to lose men of good will ?

We will continue to miss our Patriot;

Dear Doc, You have fought a good fight of faith, Your untimely death was your own greatest sacrifice to your Father land and Rivers State Government which you came to Serve.
History will always be fair to you Sir !!!

May your Soul continue to rest in the blossom of the Lord, Amen.

A successful Egbema is our Pride.




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