BHO: Time To Move On – Dr. Diala Uche

We have all seen the roller coaster of emotions and the shenanigans in the last couple of weeks. It came in various shapes and sizes. We were angry, amused, surprised, shocked, disgusted etc..

Today we thank God that it all happened. The Buharists HangOut was put on the spotlight, tested and tried. An Inquisition was put on us. To the Glory of God, we came out unscathed, vindicated and exenorated.

Non members of the Hang Out stood to testify for us. It offered us an opportunity to tell our stories to our members, friends and compatriots. Stories we didn’t want to tell before out of honor but were forced to

In a way it is good it all happened. Because if they did not happen some people might not know how authentic and credible the HangOut is or how formidable, patritotic, united and resilient its members are.

No other Pro-Buhari group has been vetted, scrutinized, challenged and harassed like the Buharists HangOut. Yet the Buharists Hangout is truly standing and still acting according to its mandate after the elections. That is because we were built on enduring values. We were not built on money or personal reward and we established a commited and serious minded, non partisan outfit structured on true ideals of Buharism where order and discipline are the watchwords. Even our detractors know that.

Now Comrades, it’s time to get back to work. The entertainment is over. Those who thought they could distract us have seen they are wasting their time. We shall get back to the tasks we willingly committed ourselves to. We were not made any promises in coming here. Neither did we sign any agreement with anyone including PMB himself. We chose to support because we believe in Nigeria and his ideals. Anyone who does not share this belief does not belong to the Buharists HangOut and we have no apologies for that.

The bane of our society is that a few people who are non conformists and renegades would want the majority to bend and follow their crooked ways and when they refuse, the crooked few who are usually loud and loquacious would want to bully, blackmail and antagonize them. But in the end truth always trumps lies. Light always trumps darkness. Integrity always pays.

Dear Comrades within and outside the Buharists HangOut, we want to sincerely thank all of us for our continued sacrifice and dedication. Sincerely we feel your pains and we know many of us are going through difficult times including our Admins and Leaders.

Sincerely we wish we could assist but the HangOut has never received any kobo as funding or support for its works. Neither has any of our Admins. This we have challenged anyone to prove us wrong. No one has. But we will do what we can when we can.

We urge us all to remain steadfast. By the grace of God, we will keep going and if any thing comes from God, we shall all be part of it. But we are not fighting for anything and we are not promising anything to anyone and we never did.

Our movement is voluntary. So anyone who cannot stomach Buharists HangOut’s style having seen our rules, is free to take a walk and when they do, they should be honourable enough to tell themselves the truth. No one has ever been removed from the HangOut without valid reasons.

Let’s get back to work. Our rules are back in full force.

We welcome all committed Buharists. Those who have recently requested to join should please exercise some patience.

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