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Any Damn Thing (ADT) is a trick “hungry” and quack doctors and pastors use when a patient comes down with psychosomatic disease. Psychosomatic disease is not really a disease but a condition when a patient “feels” sick but when clinical examination is conducted there is actually no organic disease.

In civilized climes the patient is just given placebos or “vitamins” and told to go home and return back to the hospital in two weeks by which time most of the patients are relieved.


In Nigeria where medical scam is common a psychosomatic condition can result to protracted medical treatment, hospitalization or even surgery. 70% of private hospitals in the country are manned by quack doctors. Pharmacists, radiographers, male nurses, herbalists and clowns pose as doctors in Nigeria especially in Aba and in rural areas.


Psychosomatic disease is actually a thing of the mind. The disease is in the mind of the patient. Even after laboratory tests are conducted and the patient is given a clean bill of health something deep down in him tells him he’s sick.


The quack and corrupt doctor who sees a patient who obviously is a sufferer of psychosomatic disease that requires just counseling and rest will advise that a multiplicity of tests be conducted and thereafter prescribe bogus drugs or ADT and give exorbitant bills. It’s just about money.


There’s a group of medical charlatans specializing in the use of “computer” tests. These medical rascals will reel out absurd diagnosis and prescribe ADT or what they lavishly call “supplements”. These products are well packaged with outrageous claims but they’re useless. It’s all about money.


Come the pastors, after undergoing genuine tests and no medical or surgical condition is discovered you run to the pastor or native doctor and you’re told it’s a “spiritual” sickness or “attack” and you are given ADT. Faith healing uses ADT. Olive oil, coconuts, holy water, concotions and sundry items make up the ADT prescribed by pastors and spiritualists. It’s all about money.


ADT aren’t harmless. “Any Damn Thing” could be Any Damn Thing! ADT are usually given at the whims and caprices of the medical charlatan and could be toxic and further compound the health of the patient.



Avoid private hospitals as much as possible unless those with clear integrity and standards. Go to government hospitals. Avoid charlatans “specializing” in computer tests. Avoid completely all so called supplements. If you feel anxiety or unease do not panic but sleep well and drink plenty of water. Never visit quack pastors for healing.

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