It has come to our notice that some person’s are missleading the general public with details seen not to be true. We recently saw a Facebook post made by Odila Ifeanyichukwu which was aimed to destroy the good name of Hon. (Barr.) Osi Olisa the former Caretaker Committee Chairman (CTC) of Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State.

For the records Hon. Barr. Osi Olisa made tremendous efforts for the success of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from ONELGA down to the state level in last General elections.

It will be unfair for anyone in his sane mind to carry campaign of hatred towards him.

Comr. Azu Nwadibia GDI Cordinator Onelga and Chief B I Ordu Onelga PDP elders forum, chairman Chief Franklin Nwaobakata alias Onwa former Pdp chairman, can never forget the inputs of Barr. Osi Olisah in the past elections.

Leaders of ward 4, Ward 5 Zik Nwikiri and Dr. Sunny Ajie also were with Barr. Osi Olisah in last elections working for the success of the People’s Democratic party (PDP).

Hon. Barr. Osi Olisa went from his ward to all the wards in Omoku to make sure PDP was okay.

In fact when leaders of the APC came with Army against PDP people Barr. Osi Olisa was the only PDP prominent man that confronted them and stopped them from arresting Pdp faithful’s.

He was one of the people that took the election result down to Port Harcourt, ask Hon. Elder Christian Ahiakwo.

Barr. Osi Olisa is ahead of all of you and your pay masters stop lying or blackmailing him to avoid the wrath of God.

If you like continue lying against him, Governor Wike knows the truth, love him or hate him ONELGA people Rivers State people knows that, Barr. Osi olisa is a blessing to us.

That is why you bad people and your Oga’s are afraid of him, He worked for Pdp staked his life for PDP and is still working for PDP.

His relationship with the Governor is beyond party politics so wherever Governor Wike goes, he goes with him. Barr Osi Olisa is a principled Man, We know him your lies and blackmail cannot change things even the deaf and blind knows his good works.

It is only bad people and their agents that are against Barr. Osi Olisa, God is watching all of you bad people and God will one day call his own results about bad people repent now!

Defaming a man God has blessed is a waste of time. We however wish to inform the general public to kindly disregard such publications Against the former CTC boss.

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