It is becoming really embarrassing.

Soon we must define this word ‘Buharist’. And very soon too.

You read all kind of stuff about 2023 Presidency that is still 4 clear years away. That some people are obsessed with a 2023 Presidency even when PMB has not been sworn in for a second term and is still at the Tribunal gives a huge cause for concern.

The most disheartening thing is the ultra Tribal tone these conversations are taking. People argue for or against solely based on their tribes. It then makes one wonder what we have really learnt from Buharism. It makes one question our credentials as Buharists. True Buharism is class, tribe and creed blind. It is patriotic and selfless and seeks the common good above self or group interest. It is collective action rather than solo championing. It is disciplined and honorable.

Every Buharist ought to know that going by that name, we should be focussed on assisting PMB work through the next 4 years. There are many serious issues before us – Indiscipline, Corruption, Herdsmedia and Fifth columnists who only seek our downfall as a nation, yet some of us stay obsessed with a project 4 years away and one in which in actual reality we have no say. Except to decide not to support a wrong candidate based on the Buharism ideology.

Let me remind us all that 2023 and beyond should and must be about having a Leader who though may not fit squarely in the shoes of Buhari (which are quite big) but at least one in his mould, who believes in the ideology of Buharism. Otherwise we would have wasted all our energy and effort. If that is the case, then tribe, region and religion of a successor should have little or nothing to do with it. Do we have or know such a person yet? Have we agreed on such a person yet? So why the noise?

If we fail to get serious now and rise above tribal, religious and other shenanigans and fail to move the Next Level satisfactorily forward, mark my words this day, after Buhari leaves we will get a situation that will roll back all we have achieved through great sacrifice and the case of Nigeria will be like the Biblical case of when an evil spirit is driven out of a man and the man is not fortified spiritually, it will invite other stronger spirits and return with a vengeance that we cannot fathom. I dread that.

I sit and watch us attacking, abusing and denigrating one another publicly over 2023 Presidency and ridiculously even over a Kogi State election that is months away and which truly has nothing to do with us as Buharists.

Buharists have no Chairman or Senior Prefect alright but I thought conscience and common sense should guide us.

Those who are rooted in the core values and ideology of Buharism (Integrity, Justice and Truth) need to stand up and take back our Movement before it is too late. Sitting and saying it’s okay, no problem, let there be peace (for mouth) is not enough. We must be bold enough to collectively and decisively call out those who are giving our Movement a bad name. No matter who. Either such people ship in or they ship out. No one person is bigger than the Movement. Otherwise as we Igbos say; ‘If one hand gets soiled with oil, it will soil the rest’. ‘I no follow’ no be defence for Police.

We coined ‘Buharists’ for a reason and for one purpose only – because of Buhari and to fight for his ideology and change Nigeria for good. Anyone is free to coin his or her own to push for whatever other Cause or interest he or she chooses – Igboist, Yorubaist, Hausaist, Fulanists, Tivist, Igbiraist, Efikist, Egbaist, Jagabanist, Belloist, Lawanist, Gbajabiamilaist, Gandujeist, Rochasist etc and please leave our Buharist alone.


As many Buharists as are with me on this should stand to be counted now. Even if there are only 10 who are truly committed to Buharism, they will make more impact than a crowd of confused and cacophonous people. That has always been our case anyways. There’s no nice way to put it.

The National Buharism Movement will soon take off in earnest. Don’t be left out, if you truly belong there.

God Bless Nigeria.
God Bless Buharism.

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